6 Steps To The Perfect Golf Grip

6 Steps To The Perfect Golf Grip

Golf Grip

Golf Grip

Let’s face it, the golf grip is something that most people work on their whole life. I know I sure have. Every time I pick up a golf club I am concentrating on my grip.

Does it look right? Does it feel right? If it feels awkward, is that because it is wrong or finally right? How can I generate more power and more consistency through my grip?

Yes I do think of all those things when I grip my club and so do you.

It may happen in a split second, but we are processing all those things when we put our hands on that grip. So as I realized the other day, your grip will change no matter what you do.

I was hitting a wedge shot about 100 yards to the front of the green, and I looked down to take my stance, and low and behold, my grip looked funny.

My right hand was turned out and a little open. My left hand was turned in with more of my knuckles showing than I would like.




To my self, I said, what the #$$^@.

I pulled back and looked at my hands in bewilderment. In all my glory and wisdom, my grip had changed right under my nose without me realizing it.

That night, I went back to the drawing board and found a 6 step process to go through every time I pick up a golf club.

Here is it.

  1. Step #1Placing the Handle – Grab the shaft where the handle meets the grip and hold out the club at a 45 degrees angle. Take your left hand and open your palm towards you and set the grip between your palm and knuckles.
  2. Step #2Securing your left hand – Without moving your hand, take your pinkie, ring finger, middle finger, and wrap it around the grip.
  3. Step #3Setting your left thumb – Without changing your grip’s position, take your thumb and set it on the grip pressing directly on the top of the grip facing down towards the shaft.
  4. Step #4Positioning your right hand – Put your right hand toward your left hand, allow the shaft to sit between your knuckles and the base of your palm.
  5. Step #5Securing your right hand – Wrap your right pinkie into the fold between your left middle and index fingers. Wrap the rest of your fingers around the handle.
  6. Step #6Setting your right hand – Roll your right thumb over the grip and your left thumb. Create a v with your thumb and index finger pointing to your right shoulder.

So I found this is Golf Magazine. I use it today and it keeps my grip honest. Use this method and you should keep setting your grip right each time you step on the course.

Bag Envy: Is Your Golf Bag Not As Big As Your Partners?

Bag Envy: Is Your Golf Bag Not As Big As Your Partners?

Golf Bag

Golf Bag

I will admit that I sometimes succumb to Bag Envy. Its not something that I am proud of. I don’t want to break a golf commandment, but it just happens that way.

Let me set the scene. Every Saturday I like to get to the golf course and play a round. It is my sanity in an insane world as you would say (Deep moment). So I turn into the golf course and drive around the bend that borders the 8th and 9th holes leading to the pro-shop and past the club house to the parking lot.

I like the little drive because I can get an idea of how many people are on the course and if I am going to have a problem getting on if I don’t have a tee time.

Anyways, I park my car, do my “Trunk Stretches”, grab my golf bag, and head toward the club house. Once I get there, I have passed the practice putting green and the tee box to the first hole. Which consequently was being inhabited by 4 players who thought they were John Daly before the rehab.

So I snickered because after I did my semi stare slash “I’m looking at you but semi pretending that I am not”, I saw their golf balls go flying into the trees perpendicular to the fairway, not parallel (LOL).

I went into the pro-shop and got my tee time which was about 25 minutes before I was needed on the first tee, which was perfect because it gave me some time to warm-up.

Golf Bag Envy

Golf Bag Envy

The first thing I did was walk over to the range and put my bag onto the first rack I came to. As I walked to my spot, I find myself in awe of my next door range neighbors extremely large pro looking golf bag. It had that cool White on Red color theme.

As I put down my bucket of balls I was entranced by this bag and it led me to believe the owner must be someone of importance.

Instead of concentrating on my warm-up, I was concentrating on this golfers swing, ball flight, BIG BAD BAG, etc.

After a few seconds, or so I thought, I looked down at my watch and realized that I had wasted 15 minutes of time indulging my “bro-golfbag-mance”.

Quickly I put down a golf ball and took out my wedge and hit.

Golf Ball Slice

Golf Ball Slice

Well my time was up and I only got in about a quarter of my warm-up. Thanks to Sir-Big-Bag-A-Lot, I was not off to a good start. I made my way to the tee and low and behold I shanked my tee shot to the right and it landed in the only bunker on the first hole.

I felt almost like I had led to believe I was going to get something special for my wonderment of this golf bag and instead I was left with blue golf balls. It was not pleasant.

Needless to say, I learned a valuable lesson today. Never worry about someone else’s golf bag when yours is working just fine.

Loosey Goosey: Limber Up Before You Hit The Golf Course

Loosey Goosey: Limber Up Before You Hit The Golf Course

Golf Stretches

Golf Stretches

Whenever I play golf there is about a 10 minute moment of embarrassment. When I stop to stretch, people stare at me like I am an alien who happen to crash land at the golf coarse and needed a stretch before refueling my spaceship.

I am not sure why everyone thinks that stretching is a “Taboo” art for golfers. Most sports require constant stretching in order to stay at the top performing efficiency. But I find the golfers look at stretching as “It is something that other guys do and where is the beer lady?”

No grudges are being held here, but I do wonder if these so called golfers are making a dent in there snowmen or just laughing at other people and shanking it on the 4 hole when they are on the 8th.

But let’s not dwell on those people. Let’s talk about “Loosey Goosey” or as I like to call it, “The Trunk Stretches.”

“The Trunk Stretches” are very easy and very affective. The golf swing is all about fluidity and muscles contracting to create a motion that pushes and pulls smoothly before all the way through contact. Your muscles need to be at their loosest when you go to swing. I am not sure if loosest is a word but it should be. Anyways, your success on the golf course is directly related to how well your muscles perform.

Golf Stretch

Golf Stretch

To increase the performance of your muscles they first have to be warm. What does that mean? Great question. It means that your muscles are just like an engine. When they are cold, they don’t work right. Parts are not lubricated and most times they deflate.

Your muscles are the same way. If they are not stretched out and “lubricated” you run the risk of getting a sprain or muscle pull. So let’s avoid these by doing these few stretches.

Trunk Stretches

Trunk Stretch #1 – On the back of your car, put one foot on end of the bumper and place your back leg behind you so that you have one foot up and one foot down.

Place your hands on the bumper and lean forward.

This will stretch out your glutes, lower back, and hip flexers. Make sure that you switch legs so both sides of your body get stretched.


Trunk Stretch #2 – Next we need to get your shoulders loose. Take one arm and pull it across your chest towards your other shoulder. Give a count of 7 and switch arms. This is one of my favorite stretches. Not only does this help your shoulders loosen up, but it also helps your swing get more flexibility.

Trunk Stretch #3 – Now this last stretch is something that you may have to get a piece of equipment to do. Take a small exercise ball and squeeze away. This will stretch out your fingers and hands making them warm for your game. I have a blue one and I like the idea of stretching my hands while at the same time strengthening them.

These stretches should set you up very nicely. Don’t let people say that you are not getting the stretching you need because you are afraid of someone else snickering at you.

Stretch For Golf

Stretch For Golf

Your In A Golf Course Bunker Not A Fall Out Shelter

Your In A Golf Course Bunker Not A Fall Out Shelter

The joys of being getting yourself into a golf course bunker are endless.

Sadly, all the sarcasm in the world cannot change the fact that golf course bunkers and the golf bunker shot feels a lot like being in a fall out shelter.

Why A Fall Out Shelter

I know when I play golf and I hit my golf ball into a green side bunker, or even a fairway bunker, it feels like a bomb has exploded and I have landed in a fall out shelter.

The next thing I know, I get the right iron I am supposed to use and step into the sand and realized that I am afraid to hit my ball out.

Not because I like the sand, but because I am afraid of where the golf ball is going to go.

Golf course bunkers feel like a fall out shelter because even as bad they may seem, it could be a lot worse once you try to hit that ball and leave the bunker full of sand.

Golf Course Bunker

Golf Course Bunker

How To Safely Exit The Fall Out Shelter (Golf Bunker … Sand)

Here is a list of actions you will learn to escape the sand:

 – How to escape the fairway bunker – Greenside bunkers are notorious for causing you to leave your golf shots short of the flag. This happens because your clubhead speed is not high enough to get the ball moving past all that resistance the sand is causing.

All you have to do to fix it is increase your clubhead speed. Make your full turn and don’t forget to release. Piece of cake, right?

 – How to escape the greenside bunker – The biggest problem I face when I am in a sandy bunker is I never seem to get the divot in the right place. Your divot should be around 2 inches behind the ball and when the club enters the sand, it should follow through completely under it and never touch the golf ball.

If your clubs does, golf bunker rules state that it is grounding your club and you receive a penalty stroke. So don’t do it. Practice making the divot to get it right.

 – Escape from an uphill lie in the sand – At address, you want to make sure you are going in the same direction as slope so most of your weight should be on your back leg.

Keep your right shoulder down and pick 2 inches behind the ball to strike. Remember, you are trying to hit the sand, not the ball.

Your golf bunker shot should explode out of the bunker and have plenty of loft to safely land on the green. Practice.

 – Escape from a buried lie – I hate when this happens. You hit your ball into a the greenside bunker and your ball buries to the point where you can only see a little poking out of the sand.

The big thing here is you want to punch the sand with your club. No follow through needed. All you are trying to do is punch the ball out of the sand trap. Again, make sure the weight is on your anchor foot (the back), and burrow your clubhead into the sand behind the ball.

Don’t worry about following through. The ball will come out with no problem.

These tips can help you become a pro in the golf course bunker and not feel like it is World War III out there. No more fall out shelters.

Being successful at bunker golf is knowing the golf bunker rules, practicing your golf bunker shots, and not being afraid of hitting your ball into the sand.

Golf Course Bunker Shot

Golf Course Bunker Shot

** Golf Bunker Tips – Practice makes perfect. Go to the range and instead of hitting your driver or any of your irons, get your sand wedge or a lofted wedge and head over to the a sand trap.

Draw a line in the sand and practice making a divot on the line. The key is to make the divot 2 inches behind the ball so that you do not hit the ball but the sand behind it.

Work on this until you feel confortable to put a ball down. Also, the golf bunker drainage may not be the best. Don’t worry about. Keep practicing hitting 2 inches behind the ball and make your club go underneath the ball without touching.

Tips #2 – If you want to hit a slice, open your stance and the club face. When you swing at the ball, keep the open and swing through the ball. YOu will be able to move the ball from left to right.

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777: Your Holy Answer To Improve Iron play

777: Your Holy Answer To Improve Iron play

Looking for some iron play tips? Need an answer from a higher power? Is it that bad?

Fear not, whether you want to improve iron play or just get better with your iron play on par 3’s, this is the method for you.

The key to consistent iron play is to know how to use your irons in any situation. It is important that you understand what golf club is best to use and where.

In all the iron play challenges and work I have done has shown me that you have to work on your iron game to get better at it. Pretty straight forward right?

Well I have devised a plan that with help you with:

  1. Consistent Iron Play – It is important to be consistent in your iron play so you can score over and over again.
  2. Better Iron Play – You want to get better every time you get out on the golf coarse. Whether you have new clubs, heavy golf irons, small or large golf iron sets, etc. you need to get better.
  3. Iron Play Tips – A key to imporving iron play is know some tips here and there.
  4. The 777 Training Approach – This is my own method to killing it out on the golf coarse. This is an actual training program that will help you get better at your iron play. Which in turn will help your score and handicap.

Let’s get started with your guide to improve iron play.

Iron Play 777 Method

Iron Play 777 Method

In order to get better iron play you need practice with your irons. Make sense right? Most of us, including me, practice on the golf range with range balls using every iron I have in my golf bag.

This is good. Your getting practice.

But in order for us to really have better iron play, we need to take it a step further and get out on the coarse. This is where the 777 training approach comes in.

777 Training Program

This golf training program is all about getting out on the golf coarse and putting you into a position to use your irons in any spot on the coarse.

So get your irons, get on the coarse, and let’s get started.

** You want to try this training program when there is not a lot of people on the coarse. Right before the golf coarse closes is a good time or early in the morning on a week day or afternoon on the weekend works well too.

The First 7 – The first 7 is all about your your golf club. Take your 7 iron to use for this practice round. Instead of using any other clubs in your iron set, you will only use your 7 iron.
Yes that means you will use your 7 iron for the entire golf round. Even if you are not that good with your 7 iron, take it out of your bag and get ready.

The Second 7 – The second 7 is about golf balls. You need to take 7 golf balls out of your bag and keep them handy for your round. The goal here is to have 7 different balls for what ever shot comes up.

It doesn’t matter what type of golf balls you use for improving iron play, just that you have them.

*** I always suggest that when you are playing a real round that you use a golf ball that is meant to be used around the putting green and chipping surfaces. The golf balls that promise long distance is unnecessary. Focus your golf ball choice on around the green.

The Third 7 – This is the last 7 and what it stands for is “Golf Shots”. You will be taking 7 golf shots for each part of your trip around the golf coarse.

So make sure that each shot you take, instead of taking one, take 7.

How It Works

For this practice round of golf, you are going to improve your iron play by only using your 7 iron. That’s right, for the entire round you are only allowed to hit with your 7 iron.

Cheap Iron Play

Cheap Iron Play

All the way from the tee box unto the putting green, you must use your iron.

Each time you step up for a shot, you will be taking 7. The key here is to take every swing with your 7 iron. So start out and hit your drive 7 times with your 7 iron. Then, go to all your balls and hit them again with your 7. Go the the next spot and hit them with your 7.

If you are around the green, still use your 7. And at last, use your 7 iron to putt.

The idea behind this golf training program is to really get familiar with your 7 iron and work on a couple of things:

  1. Get comfortable with your clubs.
  2. Work on consistent iron play.
  3. Don’t fear where your ball is.

So this is the program in a nut shell. You can do this with any iron. It really gets interesting with a 3 or 4 iron. You are forced to hit all types of different shots.

Good Luck on the 777.

Want A Lower Golf Handicap: Try A Thermal Overload

Want A Lower Golf Handicap: Try A Thermal Overload

We are all searching for a lower golf handicap.

The question is, how can you find it; a lower handicap that is. So much is said about golf equipment, golf shoes, golf clubs, golf bags, and even the golf coarse you play on.

Traditionally, if you want a lower golf score, you need to work on your golf swing.

There is merit in that wisdom. Your golf swing does make a big difference. Swing mechanics and even golf training aids can help. What about golf swing tips?

Yes, yes, yes. They all help!

Golf Handicap Thermal Overload

Golf Handicap Thermal Overload

But there is one thing that none of these methods talk about. The Thermal Overload.

Creating the perfect golf swing is not easy and no amount of golf swing trainers or youtube golf videos can get your head in the right place.

What Would It Take For A Lower Handicap

In simplest forms, your golf score card needs to be lower.

No, I am not mocking you! I write this because I want you to know exactly what you have to do to get a lower handicap.

You don’t have to out do Tiger Woods or be smarter than Nick Faldo or Davis Love III, all you have to do is get a lower score on your golf score sheet.

Let’s say you want to learn how to break 80. What exactly do you need to do? The answer?


Now that I have clearly showed you exactly what you have to do, nothing more like beating the Golf US Open all time record, let’s discuss how to break 80 or what ever your number is.

Are you ready for your golf lesson online?

The Thermal Overload 

What is The Thermal Overload?


If you want your golf handicap to be better than an average golf handicap, going thermal is the answer. Here is a simple way to go Thermal!

Start at the golf coarse where you want a lower golf handicap at:

  1. Place In Your Mind What You Want To Accomplish – If you want your score card to be lower, then put that in your mind. Keep it right in front of your thoughts for this exercise.
Golf Handicap Thermal Overload 2

Golf Handicap Thermal Overload 2

  1. The Thermal Situation – Close your eyes. Come up with a situation that you find yourself in on the golf coarse like a golf bunker. When you hit golf bunker shots, you probably screw up, like most people do. But I want you to conjure the situation in your mind. You are on the golf coarse, you are on the 18th hole, and you have to get up and down in order to break 80. Take the time to really see yourself there!
  2. The Thermal Solution – Now you need to come up with the solution. You know the golf bunker rules and you have studied the golf bunker sand. Now you need to see the shot in your head. In order for you to get up and down for your par, you need to see the shot. You want to hit the golf ball close to the pin so your putt will be short and easy. Keep that shot right with you.
  3. The Thermal Action – Now we put it all together. Open you eyes. Take your golf ball and put it on the ground where you want to hit it. Pick your target. Visualize your target as you saw it in your mind and swing the club. Do not care where the ball goes. Just focus on your target, the stakes, the reward, and swing. Do this for 2 6 minute segments. Take a break in between.
  4. Rinse and Repeat – All you have to do now is put yourself in another situation that you need to succeed at in order to get a lower golf handicap. Remember to visualize your golf swing being exactly how it should be. So all the golf equipment, golf bags, golf clubs, golf shoes, golf balls, golf swing instructors, etc. are all accessories. None of them work without the Thermal technique.
Golf Handicap Thermal Overload 3

Golf Handicap Thermal Overload 3

The Thermal Overload Recap

All of those other devices are great and you need them, but the Thermal Overload process is about you getting ready in the one place that matters the most, your mind.

The Thermal Overload is about you getting ready to score better than in your wildest dreams. You have to put your mind in the right place in order to score the handicap you want.

Keep going for the green and running through this Thermal Overload process and you will be breaking your all time records every day you play!

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Golf Tips

Make sure you are using the right golf ball. Many people go to golf stores and buy the golf ball that promises to go the furthest.

The truth is, you should be looking for a golf ball that helps you with your chipping and putting. Those are the most important parts of your game, especially if you are an amateur.

Golfers lose the most strokes around and on the putting green.

Golf Tips:

– When you are on the driving range, practice hitting your driver and finishing with your hands in the down position. Most people have heard to finish high on the follow through. But if you look at all the PGA pros, you will notice that they all finish low.

It creates lots of power and distance.

– Another distance off the tee trick is when you are at address, widen your stance a little and really push the club back on your back swing. This creates more room for the club head to gain speed before impact.





Who Is Your Ultimate Fantasy: Could It Be Online Football Games?

Who Is Your Ultimate Fantasy: Could It Be Online Football Games?

I have always been a football fan so playing football games online free has been a fantasy come true over and over again for many years.

I hate spending money for fantasies.

Did I get you? Of coarse this article is about fantasy football games online for free and I live for this. NFL football is my favorite time of the year ever since I was in college.

No I did not play in the NCAA football league, even though I would have given my left lineman, yes that was silly but a true sadly.

I actually played in the Dixie Football Conference and our college crew put together our own NFL football lines from the pro football news we got and we would set up our own fantasy football teams through ESPN fantasy football projections.

Occasionally I would be a trader and look at yahoo fantasy football news, but we won’t go there.

I am a pigskin-loving American so fantasy football is football no matter where you go. CBS sports and the online fantasy draft they hold rocks. But enough of my personal feelings on what pro news stations are the best to use, let’s get down to the fundamentals.

Do you remember playing John Madden Football? I loved that pro football game. When I was in college, I stayed on the football dorm level we always had royal battles over playing games.

I can’t believe the game controllers survived.

Anyways, in that game, there was a part that was added that specifically deals with Fantasy football rules. You have to think like a football coach and manage things like leagues and the draft.

You have to think about top picks, mock drafts, and even fantasy football rankings.

Being in the driver seat for your pro NFL team is lots of fun, but it comes with some responsibility.

Don’t act like a baby and spit up all over the game, that would be rude. Respect the fact that you are playing online foot fantasy games for free and that you have a legacy to uphold.

Be the best coach you can be.

Okay, I am off my soapbox. I was saying that in college, I remember playing the general manager for the NFL team that I owned and it was challenging. The biggest part for me that I had to look out for was sleepers.

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football

Those of you who don’t know what sleepers are don’t panic. If you read a few more lines I will tell you. Fantasy Sleepers are young players who are just waiting to break away from the pack and only needs you to pick them for your team.

Also, just in case you don’t know, NFL football lines are predictions or projections/odds about players and teams and their outcomes.

What Is Fantasy Football All About

But getting back to what fantasy football is actually about. You become the owner, general manager, and head coach of your own NFL team with your own pro football news about players and their wins and losses.

The team that you pick and the players you draft and trade are judged on their performances in the real games they play.

Your teams are then judged by those performances.

You also have a salary cap for fantasy football and there is a playoffs and trophies are awarded for the winners. The trophies very between hosts like ESPN, CBS Sports, and Yahoo. Some offer money, trips, and NFL tickets.

If you need help with calculations, there are trade analyzers and trade calculators. Just do a search on Google and you will find more than enough.

I suggest that if you are interested in playing this fantasy football game online free and succeed at it, do a search for top picks and the 300 top teams for fantasy football and study them so you can have a better understanding of what to do.

In the end, hopefully your online fantasy is like mine; free football games for everyone!

Kick Ass!

Tips For Fantasy Football

You have to pay attention to the fantasy football sleepers. They are the ones that can make you have a breakout season or leave your team in the dust.

This year, we are discovering that Tight Ends are the sleepers to get. The passing game is including the tight end position more and more. It is super important when you are picking your teams and going through your fantasy football lines and predictions to take the tight end into account.

Find the right tight end and find a great season.

Fantasy Football Tips:

– When you are looking at Fantasy Football Rankings, don’t focus on the players who finished in the top 10 last year.

Your job is to consider the possibilities for this year and to recognize that the pro NFL players that finished in the top 10 are more than likely to not finish in the top then this year.

– Remember that even though your players are unlikely to finish in the top ten again, the rankings from last year are a good way to tell how a player may perform. It is better to use those numbers as predictions than none at all.

The Olympics Without Michael Phelps?

The Olympics Without Michael Phelps?

The Olympic schedule this year had me glued to the TV most nights watching Micheal Phelps’ medals battle Ryan Lochte each step of the way.

At first when I saw both of them together going head to head in the first IM 400 meter race, I thought they would kill each other.

The thing I like about the Summer Olympics is you can see the faces and the expressions of the athletes.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the Winter Olympics as much as the next guy, and snowboarding is a passion of mine, but I loved seeing the two of them battle it out. It was cool to see to people from the same place go head to head on the great athletic stage in the world.

I will come down from my soap box and say the end of the swimming matches and all of Michael Phelps medals proved that he was great, but more importantly to me, it showed the potential in all of us.

Olympics Phelps

Michael Phelps at Olympics

That is why America loves a winner. We want to see the potential to win and Michael Phelps with Ryan Locte gave us that.

No matter what the Olympic schedule was and if I am partial to the summer and not the Winter Olympics, I will miss the potential that Michael Phelps brought to the swimming pool and to us all.

Will we ever have swimming magic with out Michael Phelps? I can’t wait to find out.



Can We Be Like Michael Phelps?

I said earlier that people like Michael Phelps show us through his success in the swimming pool that anything is possible.

I have always been a firm believer that if you want something bad enough, anything is possible. If you are willing to put in the work like Michael Phelps, you will have a good chance to succeed as well.

Let’s say that you learn different swimming techniques and constantly do swimming exercises with a weight training routine and a swimmers training routine, you are going to go far in the swimming world.

Don’t ever think you won’t be able to do something. If someone else did it, you can to.

Swimming Tips:

– When you are practicing at the pool here is a swimming tip for you to get a little faster at the turn. When you are coming to the wall, let the force of your body and the water bring you into the wall so that you end up in a crouched position.

This will allow you to push off from the wall while staying under water and shooting out in the next direction.

Staying under water is key so you don’t hit the draft of the other competitors hopefully behind you. Stay low in the water and come out on top.

– If you are having trouble with water going up your nose while you are under water, get a profile nose clip. This will keep your nose closed while you are swimming and make your workout or competition that much better.

Which One Is Better: US Open Golf or US Open Tennis?

Which One Is Better: US Open Golf or US Open Tennis?

It strikes me as an interesting question because I am an American and I like both golf and tennis. I played soccer when I was younger but it never became the sport I had to play growing up.

Since the US Open is around the corner and my man Roger Federer from Sweden is about to hit the court, I have been paying close attention to the coverage.

The PGA Golf Tour has always been a favorite of mine as well. When I was young, for a year, my family and I lived in a community with a golf course.

We were on the 5th hole.

I was an exciting time for me because I could sneak out onto the green and pretend I was playing in the US Open Golf Tournament and not have to pay for it.

Funny story; my sister was around 8 at the time and she would collect lost golf balls in our yard and around the course.

She would set up a little stand on the side of hole 5 and sell used golf balls.

She made good money and would have kept it up until one day when I was hitting a golf ball and shanked it right into her leg. She was not happy.

US Open Golf

US Open Golf – Tiger Woods

But getting back to my original question, I would have to say that even though I like Federer and I enjoy playing tennis and watching the tennis US Open, I would have to say that my favorite sport to watch now that I am older is the PGA Golf Tour and the US Open Golf Tournament.

Tell me what you think below, and don’t forget; Share This With Whoever You Know so we can get a good golf and tennis battle going.

Hit them straight and don’t hit a can opener!



It’s Golf Time

Teaching my son about golf is really important to me. I love what the game of golf teaches us, respect and patience.

Golf challenges us. With all of the golf equipment including golf shoes, golf bags, golf clubs, and golf balls to name a few, it is important to remember that the game of golf is ultimately a challenge you face against yourself.

He is only 4 but I am looking at a set of golf clubs for him so he can get started on his golf swing.

Golfing Tips:

– If you find yourself on the golf coarse and it is a windy day, your challenge is to keep the ball low so you don’t lose it in the wind. In order to do this, take the ball and move it back into your stance.

When you swing your club, keep your hands low on the finish and don’t follow all the way through. Keep your iron or driver right about eye level.

– For one whole round, only use your 3 wood to tee off with. I know you want to hit the driver, but getting in the fairway off the tee can mean the difference between scoring well and not scoring at all.